the Lefortovo district court of Moscow refused to release on parole former FSB Colonel Mikhail Gorbatov, convicted for fraud, according to Kommersant. The security officer known for his involvement in preventing an assassination attempt on President Vladimir Putin.

Gorbatov was arrested and placed in jail “Lefortovo” in may 2018 for fraud. Co-owner of the Bank “Transport” Alexander Mazanov Colonel paid 450 thousand dollars for not instituting a criminal case, which actually was not.

In July 2019, the security officer was sentenced to 4.5 years, but did not send to the colony, leaving to was serving a term in prison. The reason is that the humpback has become a key witness in a criminal case “gold Colonel” FSB Cyril Cherkalin, accused of bribery and fraud, and found themselves the owner of the property and funds in the amount of 6.3 billion rubles, which were withdrawn in favor of the state.

At the court hearing the petition for PAROLE, the prison authorities gave Gorbatov positive characteristic, and the defense recalled the merits of the convicted person. The Colonel had developed a plan for the release of hostages during a musical “Nord-OST” in 2002, and the year before prevented an attempt on President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Azerbaijan.

But the Prosecutor just briefly said that he objected to PAROLE Gorbatova, convicted and left to serve the remaining term. As for past achievements, then, according to the court, they have already “been taken into account in sentencing”.

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