a Series of events 2020 Science Fest will be held from July to August in the online format, which was the first to reveal a rich program in a harmonious combination of prepared digital content for a new generation of online conferences, lectures, interactive workshops. The organizers of the event are the Foundation Recongress and the project “Territory of innovations”. On the pages of the Science Fest 2020 Fund Recongress in social networks, as well as on the resources of the partners will broadcast live stream with interviews and performances of entrepreneurs and innovators, videos on inventions and technologies that are changing or have already changed the world.

“One of our main goals is to establish a community of like – minded people who are just like us, love science and everything that affects the development of our planet. In developing the concept of the festival, we very carefully analyze what is interesting to modern youth, that she cares. Based on this, we prepared a large amount of pleasant, likeable content that will be available to everyone”, – said the author of the Science Fest project Dmitry Kryukov.

Animation project of the Association IPChain “IP Stories: stories from history,” prepared by the Agency of integrated communications solutions Prophet together with the writer and playwright, member of the Russian television Academy by Marina Sobe-Panek, fits perfectly into a renewed concept of the festival, as along with unique content it features a new for the Russian style of popular scientific material.

“Researchers are increasingly talking about the fact that humanity is rapidly approaching the singularity, when technology will be able to improve themselves without our participation. However, until the Creator, the inventor is the man. And sometimes the same as many centuries ago, he faced similar challenges in the field of intellectual property – no matter whether he invented the wheel, the steam engine or a quantum computer. So in our project “IP Stories: stories from the history” we wanted to highlight the continued importance of these questions – why and how to protect your ideas, who the patent trolls are the essence of copyright – and in an easy, fun way to give irrefragable answers” – said a member of the Committee of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP) on intellectual property and the creative industries, General Director of the Agency of integrated communications solutions Prophet Eugene Dorofeyev.

Storytelling in the animated series is on behalf of brand of the hero Association IPChain – dragon. Each of its heads symbolizes one of the areas of intellectual property rights – copyright and related rights, means of individualization or industrial property. Among the main characters of the first editions of “IP Stories: stories from history” – Pushkin, Newto�� and James watt, whom contemporaries considered the world’s first “patent Troll.”

to participate in the festival Science Fest 2020 from any device – computer, tablet or smartphone. Will be available to all key thematic clusters: the top 10 innovations; longreads and videos on the introduction of new technologies in Russian and foreign companies, interviews with top managers responsible for research and development and digitalization; the related research activities of universities; lectures and workshops by technical gurus and innovators in robotics, design, and prototyping; live and interactive streams.

the program of the festival will be broadcast on online marketplaces Fund Recongress including YouTube-channel “Recongress-TV”, the official website and social network, and a resource partner of the festival.