the First of may at 21:00 on NTV channel will premiere the anticipated domestic Thriller “Shugaley” (18+). The film was shot in record time and tells of events that actually occur at the present time with our compatriots.

the entry of new domestic films earlier in his Telegram channel announced the head of the Fund for the protection of national values (FSNC) Alexander Malkevich, noting that “this is not just a film, when you write “Based on real events”. It’s about what happens to us here and now.” It is known that in the story the characters travel to the North African state for research purposes. In the country of immigration, a complicated political situation. It is necessary to conduct sociological research, which invited experts from Russia. However, sociologists are kidnapped by thugs and taken to a private prison where torture trying to force to hide the truth.

Despite the fact that “Shugaley” claimed as a feature film, his characters have real prototypes: the Russian sociologist Maxim Shugaley and his translator Samer Swapan. A year ago it became known that them during his working trip illegally imprisoned in a Libyan prison “Mitiga”. All this time, the guide PSNC attempts to secure the release of Russians, however, the Libyan side is not going to negotiate. For the year Maxim Shugaley allowed only one meeting with the lawyer.

within a few months, colleagues and concerned citizens participated in a series of single pickets at a building of Embassy of Libya in order to attract the attention of international organizations and human rights organizations to the situation. In addition, the head PSNC officially addressed the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin with a request to initiate a criminal case against the organizers and participants of abduction of Russians. However, their fate is still not known.

in April In the Internet appeared the poster and the trailer of the movie “Shugaley”, based on information the researchers managed to transmit Home. As noted in his interview with Kirill Polukhin, who played a major role, the film will be of interest to anyone who loves their country and who are not indifferent to the fate of its citizens, and all who believe in justice.