follow-up of women who gave birth, being infected with coronavirus, showed that if the right to take the child, he stays healthy, as during pregnancy, transmission from mother to unborn child occurs. Infants can be infected after birth, while newborns with confirmed COVID-19 in most cases rooting is not hard and successfully cope with the disease. However, insurance representatives recommend pregnant women to do everything. to avoid infection: in particular, to continue to observe a strict regime of isolation. This is necessary because there is a threat of emergence of the second wave of the disease.

COVID-19 is particularly dangerous and therefore precaution need to observe very carefully, if a pregnant woman in addition to the virus include:


Now all pregnant, be sure to perform research on COVID-19. Here is a list of mandatory research:

Treatment COVID-19 in pregnant women depends on the degree of severity of the disease.

for mild and moderate form of the disease is important:

In severe form of the disease:

In the BCC warn that if you suspect COVID-19 partnership delivery conduct is prohibited.

terms of discharge from the hospital mothers who had undergone COVID-19:

Care for newborns with suspected infection COVID-19:

At the moment not proven the ability to transfer COVID-19 child during pregnancy or delivery. However, there is a possibility of transmission in the postnatal period. In the case of infection newborn and mother should be separated until complete recovery, said the BCC experts.