Predicted pandemic COVID-19 in the five years before the Professor Mikhail shchelkanov interview made a new forecast.

From the point of view of a specialist, followed by a rise in morbidity in Europe a new outbreak of coronavirus infection of the new type will come to Russia. In an interview with publishing expert listed the cities that are likely to be subjected to a new wave.

He noted that a new outbreak of coronavirus expect in major cities of the European part of Russia, including Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Saint Petersburg. With a new force, according to the virologist, COVID-19 hit and Vladivostok. The reason is that residents of the people’s Republic of China (PRC) to return home in transit through this city, so even now there is some increase in morbidity.

shchelkanov said that after the world health organization (who) declared a new surge of the pandemic in Europe, where just a few months from thirty European countries are experiencing an increase in new cases of coronavirus infection of the new type, this flash will reach and Russia.

“in two Weeks we will feel for yourself the surge, which is observed in European countries”, – said the doctor.

shchelkanov added that to prevent importation of the virus into the territory of the Russian Federation should close the borders. However, he noted that exercise is not easy, because in Europe, home to a large number of Russians.