Developed Pratt & Whitney in the framework of the Adaptive Engine Transition Program (AETP) three-loop engine with adaptive cycle XA101 represents the future of power plants, including military. About Aviation Week & Space Technology said Matthew Bromberg, President of the Military Engines division of the American company.

“No. We have focused on the AETP,” — said the expert, answering a question of journalists about a possible slowdown in work on promising engine. According to him, the only question is, when we focus on our first engine to test. “We’re getting to that stage,” said Bromberg.

the Specialist noted that some elements of the technology XA101 can be used to improve the engines of the fifth generation fighter F-22 Raptor (Pratt & Whitney F119) and the F-35 Lightning II (Pratt & Whitney F135), but the dimensions XA101 virtually eliminated with replacement of the F100 engine, we get the fourth-generation fighter F-15 Eagle and F-16 Fighting Falcon.

“the third Installation of the circuit to the motor of such a dimension is possible, but it is difficult, given the extra weight and complexity of the engine. Using some advanced systems — mechanics, power and temperature, controls, compressor and turbine, in addition to three-loop architecture, we can use this technology to upgrade the F100 or F119. So I’m excited about this,” said Bromberg.

the Expert also told about the plans to replace it with an American strategic bomber B-52 Stratofortress engines TF33-P/103 on the PW800 and developing for aircraft, drones and cruise missiles propulsion TJ150 and FJ700. According to Bromberg, by 2023 Pratt & Whitney finally start supplying 188 elements F135 in the production of which involved Turkey.

In April 2019 AIRBOYD channel on YouTube has published a video with the launch of the powder starters are two of the eight turbofan engines TF33-P/103 the American strategic bomber B-52 Stratofortress. In the signature to video it is reported that the use of gunpowder starters reduced the startup time of the aircraft from the hour to ten minutes, without having to use ground equipment, while the remaining six engines started before take-off when the machine has reached the end of the runway.

the Program AETP worth two billion dollars, are working in American companies General Electric and United Technologies (includes Pratt & Whitney), was launched in 2016. In the framework of the creation of a demonstrator engine of the new generation, different from the previous higher thrust and lower fuel consumption, providing large aircraft range and speed. The power unit is expected XA101 RAto at through deep modernization of the F135, which is the third circuit. Work on AETP classified.