Journalist and TV presenter Vladimir Pozner has commented on the protests in the United States, beginning due the murder of a black George Floyd COP. In an article for the website of the daily mail, he called their reaction to the situation of blacks in the country and wished those who writes and speaks about the protests, “we” turn into African-Americans and to be in the United States.

According to Posner, such as “explosions of outrage” happened in the US before, but the scale of what is happening has never been so wide. “The whole country is in fact covered by this. This is a milestone. In many cases, the police goes to the side of the demonstrators. The young, black, and white, are, in General, together, without the bitterness,” said the reporter.

He added that what is happening during the protests “a disgrace” arise in any country during the civil unrest.

the Journalist said that he considers it a reaction to the fact that for over 200 years in the United States “people with black skin is in the position of second-class citizen”.

Posner also commented on the fact that the protests, write and speak in Russian-language information space. In his opinion, the authors of the articles and statements not good in America, so any lived there, or lived long, and as foreigners, not as local residents. “These are people, excuse me, which actually belong to the blacks not like whites. It’s the people who actually, to a large extent, are racists; perhaps they do not understand, but so it is,” wrote a leading and wished all of these people to develop in African Americans and be in America for at least six months.

Earlier in June, Posner said that in some cases thinks is right ban books. He was thinking about such constraints, and remembered a situation with a software Adolf Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf”. The journalist added that he considers the complex and controversial issue.