TV presenter Vladimir Pozner made a prediction about how the world will change and, in particular, the media after the pandemic coronavirus infection.

“I do not think the pandemic is something very serious will change us. Bloggers have been, and will be, the Internet, television still continues to go and will go. I hope that will change the contents of television to a large extent, but it will also not from of a pandemic to depend on” – are his words on the website “daily mail”.

“So, while I agree that a lot will change in our lives that will disappear any profession, there are any new profession, but the world will not be different, I don’t think so, although there are people who say that. We had other disasters, we had the “Spanish flu”, we had the Second world war, and the world categorically, and we as humans have not changed, we are all the same”, he added.

Previously, Posner stated that it continues to support measures taken by the Russian government on the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus.