While it is impossible to say which drugs from the coronavirus will be effective for each social group, such as children or the elderly.

this was stated by the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova online discussion club “Valdai”.

“One some of the drug will not be exact. Will be a range of different vaccines and drugs that will be used for different groups,” she said.

Popov said that it is impossible to say how much each drug will be effective for each population. “I can’t say how effective for a person will it be, will it be possible to use it for kids, elderly,” explained chief health officer.

In April, the operational headquarters for the fight against the epidemic said that the who has included nine Russian vaccines COVID-19 in the list of promising drugs COVID-19. Six of them developed in “Vector”, two — company “BIOKAD” and one scientific research Institute of vaccines and sera in St. Petersburg. who recorded eight of them. Only in Russia at the end of may, work continued over 47 vaccines against coronavirus for 14 platforms.

Vaccines are different methods of development and different forms of introduction. For example, the Novosibirsk center “Vector” in late may, reported that is working to create a vaccine that can be instilled into the nose. Finished pharmaceutical form of this vaccine was released on 21 may and is now also at the stage of preclinical trials. In early June, the Russian Academy of Sciences reported on the work on a vaccine in which antigens are enclosed in the microcapsules are attached to the surface of probiotic bacteria. It will be possible to take, for example, in yogurt or other dairy products.