Chemistry teacher from Krasnoyarsk Olga Yumasheva tried to pass the exam and wondered what he saw jobs. The impressions she shared with the regional portal NGS24.RU.

The decision to take the exam on a par with the graduates of the teacher justified the experiment. It is pre-filed and entered in the number taking the exam in teaching the subject of chemistry, July 16.

"Poor children! There are jobs that I did the first time seen. I logically wrote something, but I don’t know how it right! The first part was written well, but the second part is very podoviridae, many pitfalls," said the teacher.

For 3.5 hours, which lasted the exam, Yumashev never left the office. The teacher admitted that the time is hardly enough for fulfilling all the tasks, but their test failed. The results will be known in two weeks.

"I Hope that above 85 points wrote," said the teacher.

The experience Yumashev expects to apply in preparing students for the exam.

In comments to the publication she said that the job is fully consistent with the programme profile level, but they are different levels of difficulty. So, according to Yumasheva, in the second part of the exam meet complex equations that are not in textbooks, but fairly basic knowledge and skills to apply them in unusual situations.

The teacher stressed that does not want her words about "poor kids" used as "trump" those who are not preparing to pass, and then justifies the low score. "nadhernou" tasks.

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