More than half of Russian citizens (69%) are interested in how to get vaccinated against the coronavirus yourself or your family members should be of the opinion poll. While 26% very confident to make such a vaccine. The greatest willingness was expressed by the people older than 60 years (70% of respondents in the age group), respondents from 18 to 24 years (68%) and 35 to 44 years (63%).

More than a third of respondents (35%) stated that they would not be vaccinated against coronavirus, 6% believe that such vaccination in Russia should not be carried out in principle. The majority voted for vaccination against coronavirus, on a voluntary basis — so say 70% of the respondents.

vaccine against the coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19, do not yet exist, the development of a drug can take years, says world health organization (who). The world has developed more than 100 vaccines, some of them are already being tested on humans, according to Bloomberg. At the same time due of the spread of coronavirus in Russia suspended vaccination against measles, influenza and other diseases already approved immunization schedule, reports “Interfax” words of the Deputy Minister of health Oleg Gridnev. All vaccinations affect the immune system, and “the reaction of the virus COVID-19 on the immune system is very, very problematic,” he explained the decision of the Ministry of health.

Coronavirus in Russia, may 19, was diagnosed in 299 941 people, said the Federal operational headquarters. Under medical supervision 267 663 remain human, said the CPS. Only Russia has conducted more than 7.3 million tests for coronavirus.