British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is stepping down as leader of the Tories, but remains head of government for the time being. He announced this on Thursday in front of 10 Downing Street. Two other ministers had previously resigned from their posts. Everything important in the ticker.

The most important thing in brief: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned as leader of his Conservative Party. But he wants to continue as head of government until a successor is elected, Johnson said in London on Thursday. He himself was elected to office by his party almost three years ago.

1:37 p.m .: Then he comes to the end of his statement. “You can rest assured that your interests will continue to be represented until a new Prime Minister is elected. The future will be golden.” He then finishes his statement, turns and walks back through the door of 10 Downing Street.

1:35 p.m .: “There are many people who are relieved now, but some will also be disappointed.” Then he assures his successor as group leader “full support”. Johnson then thanks everyone who supported him, his party, family , the armed forces and many other stakeholders.”Then I would also like to thank you for the enormous privilege you have given me.” He regrets that he now has to give up “the greatest job in the world”.

1:33 p.m .: Johnson says that “we continue to pledge our full support to Ukraine”. But he also says that it would be “pointless to change the prime minister now. I tried to convince my colleagues of that.” He couldn’t do that. Apparently there was a herd effect,” he surmises. Nobody is irreplaceable.

1:31 p.m .: “I will resign from my post,” says Boris Johnson at the beginning of his speech. He fought so hard for his office because “I thought it was my obligation to give them what I promised them.” Then he goes into the Brexit and the vaccination success of the country.

12:23 p.m .: Before his statement, in which Boris Johnson is said to announce his resignation as party leader of the Tories, he spoke to Queen Elizabeth II. He has reportedly spoken to the British head of state first, out of courtesy so that he can remain prime minister. This is reported, among other things, by the English broadcaster “ITV”.

12:18 p.m .: The British media are now saying predominantly that Johnson’s resignation is expected around 1 p.m. British time, i.e. around 2 p.m. CEST. FOCUS Online accompanies the statement of the still prime minister in the live ticker.

12:11 p.m .: Opposition leader Keir Starmer from the Labor Party welcomed Johnson’s expected resignation. That’s “good news,” Starmer said, according to the British news agency PA. He added, “But it should have happened a long time ago.”

10:33 a.m .: Boris Johnson’s office says he wants to address the nation in a speech today. It is not yet known when this will happen. Other reports say Johnson appears to step down as Tory leader today but could remain in office until the autumn.

Thursday, July 7, 10:16 a.m .: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson apparently wants to resign as Tory party leader. The BBC reported on Thursday, citing government circles. He would soon lose his position as head of government. “Sky News” had also reported.

Earlier on Thursday, Northern Ireland Minister Brandon Lewis became the fourth cabinet member to resign. Johnson fired another minister. Rishi Sunak also resigned as Finance Minister, Sajid Javid as Health Minister and Simon Hart as Minister for Wales. In addition, more than 40 Conservative MPs had resigned from government or Tory parliamentary positions. General Counsel Suella Braverman suggested Johnson’s resignation on live television on Wednesday evening and introduced herself as his successor.

On Thursday, new Secretary of Education Michelle Donelan resigned. She, too, was only appointed on Tuesday and succeeded Nadhim Zahawi, who had switched from the education to the finance department.

British Finance Minister Zahawi, who was appointed to office on Tuesday, publicly called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign on Thursday. “Prime Minister, in your heart you know what is right. Go now,” Zahawi wrote in a letter to Johnson published on Twitter on Thursday.

According to media reports, Lewis, who was considered ultra-loyal to Johnson, backed a delegation of cabinet members who called on Johnson to resign on Wednesday evening. The prime minister refused.

Finance Minister Zahawi is said to have been among Johnson’s critics. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is said to have also been part of the delegation. The previously ultra-loyal Home Secretary Priti Patel, Economics Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng and Building and Housing Secretary Michael Gove are also said to have opposed Johnson. Gove was released on Wednesday evening. It was expected that there would be further dismissals or resignations from this group.

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