(Paris) “Keep your old world, we want one without sexist and sexual violence”: a collective of feminist associations calls for rallies on Thursday in France, three weeks after the support given by President Emmanuel Macron to Gérard Depardieu.

“We call on all those who defend the rights of women, children and gender minorities, and who refuse sexist and sexual violence to rallies,” writes the Grève feminist collective in a press release.

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A rally is notably planned for 6 p.m. in Paris. Others are announced in around thirty cities, including Marseille, Lille, Lyon.

Guest on the public channel France 5 on December 20, Emmanuel Macron supported Gérard Depardieu – charged with rape and targeted by three complaints for sexual assault or rape which he refutes –, calling him a “huge actor” who makes “the world proud.” France” and denouncing a “manhunt”.

The comments of the head of state, made after the broadcast on another public channel of a report during which the actor multiplies misogynistic and insulting remarks while addressing women, shocked part of the population.

Feminist associations have described the President of the Republic’s statements as “spitting” in the face of victims of sexual violence, and denounced a “reversal of guilt”.

The government spokesperson and the president of MoDem, a party allied to the President of the Republic, have since distanced themselves from Emmanuel Macron’s position: the first, Olivier Véran, said he was “shocked” by the remarks by Gérard Depardieu and the second, François Bayrou, declared having “no indulgence” for the actor.

“Self-proclaimed champion of the fight against violence against women, President Macron proves to be neither more nor less a defender of alleged aggressors,” believes Grève feministe, deploring that the head of state did not “have a word of solidarity with the alleged victims”.

The call to demonstrate was notably signed by the Feminist Collective Against Rape, the National Women’s Solidarity Federation, the Human Rights League, Family Planning and Dare Feminism.