(Rennes) A ​​doctor was contacted in order to assess the state of health of Alain Delon after requests for legal protection made by lawyers for the 88-year-old actor and his son Anthony, announced Thursday the French justice.

“An authorized doctor was contacted by the Montargis public prosecutor’s office in order to assess the situation of Alain Delon,” said the prosecutor of this town in central France, near the town where the actor resides, in a press release. famous for his roles in The Swimming Pool and The Cheetah.

“The public prosecutor confirms having received, on January 10, 2024, two separate emails from the lawyers of Anthony and Alain Delon indicating the urgency of placing the latter under judicial protection for health reasons,” specifies the press release, adding that this procedure will not be the subject of “no further communication”.

Earlier, Mr. Laurence Bedossa, who presents himself as Alain Delon’s lawyer, had indicated in a press release “having asked by email to the public prosecutor of the Montargis court that he proceed to the opening of a procedure for placing under judicial protection in the interest of Mr. Delon.”

“I also asked him to summon all the parties to his office, and this, always in the interest of Mr. Delon, in order to be able to inform them of this necessity,” she added.

The quarrels within the Delon family came to light in early January during an interview in Paris Match with the eldest son of the French cinema icon, Anthony, 59, followed a week later by a interview with the same magazine with the youngest Alain-Fabien, 29 years old. The latter believe that their father is being manipulated by their sister, Anouchka, 33, who allegedly hid her state of health from them.

And would like to bring it back from France to Switzerland to avoid paying too much tax on the inheritance, accuses Anthony.

Anouchka, for her part, blames her brothers for endangering the actor’s life and claims to have wanted to take their father to Switzerland so that he could continue to be treated there.

On the legal front, on December 22, Alain-Fabien filed a complaint against Anouchka for “abuse of weakness” to the detriment of their father. Anthony announced to Paris Match the filing of a complaint against her, accusing her of not having informed him of their father’s failure in “five cognitive tests” between 2019 and 2022.