Polina Gagarina has left from his wife from Dmitry Iskhakov, who was happily married for 6 years. According to the insider, the reason for the gap was the financial question. No matter how successful the photographer was Dmitry in show business, Polina Gagarina was still the main breadwinner in the family, while Polina — 32, and Dmitry — 43 year.⠀Publishing content on SUPER, the pair separated and not living together for five months, having left right after the new year (so the quarantine is not to blame).

It is known that Pauline dismissed the former from the post of General Director of the private music label, although the divorce process has not started yet.

Pauline hinted earlier at a different level of wages and their husband, but each time the story was reduced to a joke.

“It is me burgers before the concert, he’s my husband cutlet and it suits me” — once confessed Gagarin reporters during the rehearsal of your bridge show.

Married Polina and Dmitry was born a daughter — MIA.