The Rooster is The largest holiday complex on the coast, it was a Saturday-checked in the presence of a second verblijvers. The police went to the fields, but there was also a drone is used to get the camera to see if there are people present. The governor wants the checks to continue during the Easter holidays. “Right now, people who have been to the coast, are the real idiots.
the quantity of upset,” says Carl Decaluwé.

From The Cock, was turned into a park, with 852 plots of land, 18 acres of checking for the presence of a second verblijvers. In the meantime, though, a few days of strict inspections carried out along the roads to get tourists to stop it, but the controls are now expanded in the direction of the destination resorts on the coast. “The resorts and campgrounds are all closed and the residents do,” says mayor is Wilfried Vandaele (N-VA) from. “The verblijvers may not be here today. We have therefore performed a test with a drone. In the end, two people have been found in addition to the 40 permanent residents. She had to leave. The residents will let us. This is a separate legislation, but no one on the street, if people saw the message to stay indoors.”