In Wuhan in China has from the data based from several quarantine facilities in the city that houses patients for the additional observations after their release from the hospitals, made a scary discovery.

Several of those who have been reported as healthy, have been tested positive for the coronavirus again.

It writes NPR.

Of those who have been declared healthy, according to NPR, 5-10% of the people who is on these quarantine facilities, which have been tested positive for a second time.

NPR has telephoning and written by four of the people in Wuhan, which has been tested positive again.

Two of them are doctors, and two of them are ordinary citizens of the city, but they want to be anonymous, as they are afraid whether the chinese government could find to do them mischief.

The most frightening is that several of those who tested positive the second time, had some symptoms of the coronavirus.

the Time from they were declared healthy, they were declared infected again, varrierede from a few days to a few weeks.

Virologer believes that it seems unlikely that one can be infected so quickly again with COVID-19, but states also that it is too early to rule it out with 100 percent certainty.

the People who have been tested positive again, now isolated and under observation.

It is still unclear whether they are infectious, and why they have been tested positive again.

however, It is also possible that they have got a false negative test result.