The Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Natalia Poklonskaya commented on the incident on 27 June, the incident with the attack on the journalist Ksenia Sobchak and her crew in Sredneuralskaya convent, which had previously taken control of the supporters of chiyoumen Sergius, banned in the Ministry on the background of the denial of the pandemic coronavirus and calls to break the isolation. According to Poklonski, the incident is a cause for regret.

“the Incident at the monastery in the Urals is regrettable. I hope the crew and Ksenia Sobchak will recover quickly, and the story of the Abbot and Builder of the monastery Sergius ends well, because I’m sure he’s very upset about what happened and, of course, did not want such a conflict, moreover, as far as I know from the media, he himself was not there”, — quotes its RIA “Novosti”.

Poklonskaya also noted that I have not personally seen battering when a previously visited in the monastery.

“it is unfortunate that the topic of religion is so acute in modern politics. For me personally, any provocations and excesses on this score are unfair methods of achieving goals. And the kinks there, from both sides. Either to manipulate or provoke. So ordinary people need to protect is simple, sincere and pure faith, without succumbing to either manipulation or provocation”, — concluded the Chairman of the Duma Committee.

Recall that Sergius at the time was called in the media “Confessor Polonskaya”, but later their relationship was reported was broken.

“She broke it off — he said Abbot. — I have nothing against that [people] “my shoes” — first for health, then for the peace. No it doesn’t, we even pray [for her], but she broke it off, not wanting to go with Orthodoxy.”

In turn Poklonskaya, commenting on the “Газете.Ru” recent “capture” Sergius and his supporters of the monastery, emphasized that he is not a Confessor.

“I said a million times: is not the spiritual father he is to me. But journalists like to write “ex-Confessor”. Yes, I know him. Bad to say against Sergius can’t, he’s a good man, she said, calling not to speculate on the topic of “capture”. — This situation is specially inflated to speculate on the Russian Orthodox Church, religion? I do not understand all this hype in the press. Let them deal with it in the ROC, let them do the competent authorities”.

The incident with the attack on Sobchak and her crew took place on 27 June at the monastery in the Sverdlovsk region, where she worked over the relevant plot.

“we were attacked at the monastery. Two people were beaten, — wrote the journalist in the Telegram channel. — The camera broke. Pushed me so I fell, and held on, while they beat [the Director Sergei] ��runkova. The police summoned. All the shooting of the beating they took. Camera took big bulls”.

According to a leading, subsequently affected by the conflict took a beating, and issued the statement: “took a beating in the emergency room. Statements issued. The police returned the camera. All materials wiped out those who had beaten my group. We will recover materials and to prepare lawsuits.”

In addition, Sobchak said that the Director Ariankavu was later diagnosed with a fractured wrist.