The leader of the Russian Union of veterans of Afghanistan, Senator Franz Klintsevich commented in an interview with TV channel "360" a movie about Marines with the participation of singer Philip Kirkorov.

Klintsevich, who fought in Afghanistan in the ranks of the airborne forces, suggested that the artist wanted to shock the audience.

"Vest and beret are sacred symbols. He apparently does not understand. I decided that since no badges, everything is possible. But landing takes this sacred sign for any fighter of any regiment," he said.

The Senator noted that in any society there are unwritten laws that cannot be broken. According to him, say his behavior has clear challenge.

This Klintsevich supported former airborne troops commander Vladimir Shamanov, advised the singer to apologize and to remove the libel from social networks.

"He is playing with fire. While no one has ever humiliated as a professional, all respected him as an artist, insulted honor and dignity. Believed his talent treasure of Russia. You need to take into account the mood of society and not to cross the line. This is unacceptable," – concluded the Senator.

Earlier, the man in the video for Comedy sketch show appeared in the form of a paratrooper, which angered Shamanov. He called the story disgusting and urged the artist to remove the video "for your sake".

The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on defence, staff officer of the airborne troops Alexander Sherin stated that he did not see in the video with the participation of the artist is nothing offensive.