In Russia every day 100 people die from coronavirus. Our country is in second place in the world in the number of infected and deaths will be more. Amid merciless to young and to old of a pandemic, the Russian government decided to raise the age of survival is the period of payment of pension.

I Decided not rhyme or reason, and on the basis of the most authoritative statistical data.

According to Rosstat, the citizens began to live longer and nothing it does not hurt to stay longer next year. Therefore, the Ministry of labor and introduced a bill to increase in 2021, the age of survival at six months exactly to 22 years. So much time the happy owners of the pension will get it. The pension that in 2014, the state froze and expropriable for their own needs.

In the end, the savings of future retirees purses were paltry sum – an average of 73 thousand rubles. Their pay and extended to 264, and 258 months now. The trick is that increasing the repayment period reduces the monthly amount of the payment.

to Save for their retirement on their own, the government invited the Russians in 2002, deciding to try the “fashion” gimmick of pension practices of developed Western countries. From the beginning I wasn’t too good. Already in 2004, in the storage system, leaving only those who are younger 1967. But they were not allowed to postpone for a decent boost to the solidarity pension: six years ago, the cumulative component froze up. However, the fact that the Russians have managed to accumulate over 12 years, it is necessary to pay. But the solution of even this simple task the state vymachivayut years.

With 2019 shall be made shall be reviewed again introduced a bill on the appointment of pension. It is calculated by dividing the accumulated amount by the number of months of the period of survival.

With average savings of 73 thousand increase is less than 300 rubles. A monthly contribution of a small sum to pension funds unprofitable – operating costs more expensive. Therefore, the government appoints the pension, if the amount of compensation obtained is not less than 5% of the total pensions.

in Short: to get the monthly increase, the savings should be around 180 thousand rubles. If it is less, the accumulated amount is paid at once. This threshold of 5% want to increase: there have been proposals to appoint contributory pension, if payment be not less than 10% or even 20% of the total pension. With increasing age of survival, even the existing threshold to assign the contributory pension less people. In fact it will only get very few retiring.

the Government stubbornly puts his feet rake the pension system. This is either a stubborn inability to learn from own��tion error, or a cynical desire to shake off the obligation to ensure a decent old age citizens. Or both at the same time.

Young people in retirement have no hope, especially after raising the retirement age to 65 is necessary to survive. Middle-aged people angry: they will have to vpahivat to 5 years more.

the idea of save for retirement independently viable. It may even educate the citizens of such fine qualities as responsibility, self-sufficiency, financial independence. Save money is not difficult with a good salary when and real enough, and old age remains.

There are many ways to take care of yourself future: investment, insurance, Deposit account. In those Western countries, financial literacy is taught in schools. But in Russia, funded tools from the state to serve the opposite purpose – to create financial dependence and ignorance, to instill a paranoia about saving money, it just does not have time to scroll through for our term survival.