Michael Mishustin has explained the scandal with payments to physicians: it’s in the regions, each in their own way interpreted the instruction of the government – considered somewhere shift, where hours, and somewhere in the minutes. Those who worked on this, he said, should be humanly embarrassing. Recall that in the Cabinet decision originally stated that the bonus payments should be considered “actual hours worked” with kovid-patients. Continue Mishustin demanded to avoid the language ambiguous.

At the beginning of the meeting of the coordinating Council for the coronavirus, the Prime Minister made a statement to the importance that Russians are accustomed to hearing from Vladimir Putin. According to him, the increase in the incidence of coronavirus failed to stop: the dynamics of the situation are positive: more people recover and are discharged from hospitals to home. “My role, of course, was a regime of strict isolation. It is possible to gain time and to prevent an explosive rise in the incidence as it was in foreign countries,” – said Mishustin.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova confirmed that the test for disciplined behavior during the may holidays, Russians, in General, is passed over the last week the rate of increase of new cases COVID-19 in the whole country dropped by almost a quarter. The leaders are Moscow and Moscow oblast, where the incidence decreased by 47.5% and 14.6%, respectively.

the prevalence of disease (a measure of how many people are infects a single infected before he left for insulation) on average in Russia, according to Golikova is 0,9. In 43 regions it is higher, at 23 – less unit 19 is equal to one.

in fact, with the figure less than unity, the CPS recommends to go to the first stage of relaxation of constraints: in particular, to allow a walk with the kids, playing sports in the streets, to resume the work of objects of trade and services in a limited area. However, many regions – including Moscow, where the ratio of the distribution corresponds to is not even the first and second phase restrictions is to release people from isolation and open economy is not in a hurry.

Golikova explained why this occurs: the recommendations of the CPS is not only basic but also additional indicators. Such as, for example, mortality, incidence of pneumonia, coverage of testing for antibodies etc. In the government, according to Golikova, cautious behavior of governors last week welcomed. Now in 27 regions the situation allows to consistently remove the restrictions.

In advance of the meeting for payments to medical workers of Vladimir Putin (it will take place may 19) Mishustin could not pay attention to this “hot” topic. The government, schiit melts, is not to blame. It is in the region interpreted the Ordinance and considered “somewhere to change, somewhere watch somewhere minutes.” To stop these abuses once and for all, the government has specified the procedure for calculating incentive payments.

the time Factor in the calculation of the surcharges will not be counted, the Prime Minister said, noting that those who took the decision to vyschityvanii hours and minutes “should be humanly ashamed.”

to avoid repetition of the scandal, the government fully explained how should be charged to other recently announced by the President of the allowances, in particular, employees of nursing homes, boarding schools, etc.

a single main criterion – 14 day change of accommodation at the institution. All who get into it, get the premium. “Its size depends on that, there are patients in the institution coronavirus infection or not,” – said Mishustin.

If not, then the doctors every month from 15 April to 15 July will receive 40 thousand rubles, the average personnel (technicians, nurses, instructors, physiotherapists), teachers, psychologists, speech therapists, librarians – 25 thousand rubles, nurses – 15 thousand rubles, technical staff – 10 thousand.

In case of detection of infection payments will be increased to 1.3-1.5 times depending on the position. For example, physicians will receive 60 thousand rubles, teachers – 35 thousand rubles, and caregivers – 20 thousand. “If the employee is sick and leave the facility before completion of the shift, he can still count on the full payment,” – said Mishustin. However, in the government decree contains an important clarification – ill it COVID-19. Other diseases – does not count.

“Colleagues, I ask you to do whatever is necessary to avoid the situation that has developed with additional payments to medical workers.No one had not only the desire, and even thoughts, something to save ” – exhorted Mishustin. According to him, henceforth, the officials in the preparation of documents, especially such important, as the instructions of the President, should “use language that exclude the possibility of double interpretation in the field.” He advised Ministers and Deputy Prime Ministers carefully prepare their reports on payments to the head of state.