Does not subside the controversy because of the highly unusual act of the relatives of Vladimir Vysotsky.

How to write media at the monument to the singer at the cemetery Vagankovsky changed…the head.

In social networks of the first spoke sharply on the subject Stanislav Sadalsky, then an angry post published by Eduard Bagirov.

He posted on instagram a photo of a memorial plaque and a small memorial next to it, arranged the house where there lived Vladimir Vysotsky.

And wrote that he was shocked by the act of his family, to reshape the monument to the 40th anniversary of the death of the bard.

“… we would like to contact cousins – some perfect vampires and psychopaths who took it into his head absolute wildest idea to cut at the cemetery the monument to the poet’s head, and replace it with another. Bulgakov was hit in the head, apparently,” protested the writer.

He further said that now he would be extremely unpleasant to contemplate the desecrated grave at the Vagankovskoye, so to go there he is not going.

“Vysotsky I already have associated with anything, not with the cemetery, and now I just fell off even a formal occasion this grave to visit. I’m not a Satanist, I’m sorry.”

For Bagirov memorable place left only a plaque on the wall.

“only One request left. Do not touch at least the entrance, Pirogi. Otherwise, all these flowers will bring to your window.”

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, son of Vysotsky said he was pleased with the new monument, which, according to him, became higher, more zatonirovany in bronze, and received a new head.

He noted that only regret about the impossibility to implement this idea earlier.

Publish from Eduard Bagirov (@eduardbagirov) 25 Jul 2020 4:23 PDT