Star of the Soviet film “the diamond hand” Svetlana Svetlichnaya was injured during an interview to Russian TV channels, reports “the Source”. Head 80-year-old actress fell the installation of the soffit.

The actress said that the film crew rushed to her without warning. The actress though was unhappy with the unexpected appearance of the journalists, but, taking pity on them, because “they will ask” have agreed to a short interview. The shooting was held on the bench at the entrance.

“Write an interview, and then pierces me terrible pain. Me falls on the head installation that holds the soffit”, – quotes the edition of words Svetlichnaya.

According to her, design is tangentially touched the head, the main blow fell on the knee. The actress says that such pain is never experienced. However, she stressed that the journalists had not provided her with any assistance, they “jumped” into the car and drove away. Subsequently doctors diagnosed Svetlichnaya serious concussion.

“a few days Later he came to me a young man Mike. He handed me a bouquet of red roses, cheese cake and an envelope in which lay 15 000…” – said the star of Soviet films.

In April, as reported by “the Rambler”, Svetlana Svetlichnaya said about the loss of 600 thousand rubles after a visit to her home of journalists of one of Russian TV channels.