pharmaceutical market Analysts even noted in the last two months sales growth painkillers. Is it possible to cope with such problems without drugs and access to medical care, “RG” said the doctor-physiotherapist with 35 years of experience, Yuri Polishchuk.

Yuri S., what caused pain to those who are working on “udalenke”?

Yuriy Polishchuk: the pain is most often caused by static posture and overwork. Many people forget that you need to observe the regime of work and rest. Just seems that working with a computer or any other sedentary work – light. This is a big misconception.

In the first place is, of course, high mental load, but also emotional and physical too. Static posture, keep movement to a minimum – there is a spasm of muscles and blood vessels, impaired blood flow to the brain and outflow from it -and there are pains, not just headaches or back, but even in the extremities, and hands and feet swell.

How to organize your day to avoid it?

Yuriy Polishchuk: it is Necessary to recall the well-forgotten recommendations about regular breaks. Every hour and a half work you need to give yourself 5-10 minutes of rest. You need to get up, walk, stretch, open a window and breathe fresh air, do a few simple exercises.

Like a school gym class?

Yuriy Polishchuk: just About. But there are exercises dynamic: the circular movements of the hands and feet, tilts, squats, etc. And there are static – you need to stretch and relax different muscle groups for 6-7 seconds. For example, to stretch hands in the wall or take a hand at the lock and pull them up, stretch for 6-7 seconds, then relax.

you Can take a stick, or even a regular towel, two hands shoulder width apart, raise and lower it, perform torso twists to the side – both standing and sitting. Or sit down, straighten your legs, perform movement toes up and down-the blood and lymph will move faster, edema is not. You can perform a few breathing exercises, repeating every 5-6 times, it doesn’t take a lot of time, requires no training and is feasible for any person.

Exercises are not difficult, but why almost no one does?

Yuriy Polishchuk: It is either a lack of understanding of what happens to the body in static, or just too lazy. People who are engaged in mental work, often believe that physical activity is certainly the trip to the gym or to some special area. And exercise – she is always there for us.

Many people try to deal with the pain with pills. Exercises that can replace them?

Yuriy Polishchuk: of Course. If you have a headache, do not just swallow the pills move 5-7 minutes, promassiruytee your head with your fingers, moving from the forehead to the nape of the neck,massage your temples, turn your head left and right until the tension of the muscles on the opposite side, lower your head forward as you can. This will improve blood flow to the brain.

But no need to tip the head back is risky, you can damage the roots of the nerve endings in the cervical spine and great vessels. More useful to perform simple exercises for the eyes, because the headaches often caused by fatigue.Look left-right, up-down, make rotational movements of the eyeballs. Draw on the window glass in a red dot the size of a penny and try to focus on her from the far corner of the room, then move your eyes to the middle object. And don’t forget that we have to work in a well ventilated room. If it is impossible to keep the window always open, it breaks the airing should be done regularly.

Many people at work often drink coffee or strong tea. And what mode of drinking will advise you?

Yuriy Polishchuk: Here there is no dogma, but it is best, in my opinion, tones of green tea. To abuse coffee and black tea I would not recommend it. Because the body gets used to caffeine and each time requires increasing the dose.

Many of those who recovered from coronavirus, has already returned to work.Do they need any rehabilitation?

Yuriy Polishchuk: sure, and even if a person has had a virus with no symptoms – it does not mean that it did not affect his respiratory system.And those who suffered pneumonia in severe form, rehabilitation is necessary especially. It should include therapeutic exercise, therapeutic breathing exercises, physiotherapy, massage, it is advisable to increase the intake of oxygen by means of oxygen cocktails. Very useful sessions of oxygen treatment in a hyperbaric chamber.

Where can I get help?

Yuriy Polishchuk: of Course, it is desirable to pass a rehabilitation course in a specialized medical center or the Department of multidisciplinary clinics. But, unfortunately, there is quite a large queue. Such services also offer commercial rehabilitation centres and sanatoria. And if there are such opportunities, they should not be neglected.