the Association of manufacturers of medicines has written to the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin letter, which warned of a possible deficit in the provision of medicines. The reason is introduced in 1 July, the order in which the drugs unlabeled to put into circulation only upon receipt of permission of the interdepartmental Commission.

the Association of international pharmaceutical manufacturers (AIPM), Association of Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers (ARPM), ROSMEDPROM, “Infarma”, Association of manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical goods (ACE) and all-Russian Union of public associations believe the new rules established by the governmental decree № 955, “unnecessarily cumbersome, technically difficult feasible, corrupt and bureaucratic”.

besides, according to the Association, the entry into circulation of medications under the new rules may take several months due to the fact that some regulations are not ready. As a result, the import of unmarked medicine, and that thousands of the series of drugs produced for the Russian Federation after July 1, already was in fact blocked. Manufacturers were asked to simplify the entry procedure and also noticed that due to excessive demand for drugs during a pandemic coronavirus, they just failed in many positions to form a “buffer stocks”.