President of the United States Donald trump refused to accept in a trade war with China and to conclude a “second stage transaction” with Beijing. The head of state said in an interview to CBS.

Answering the question about the prospects of future agreements with China, trump said: “I’m not interested in negotiating with China.” The American President added that still appreciates the prisoner in January, “the first phase of the deal.”

However, relations with China, he said, was corrupted shortly thereafter due to the development of a pandemic coronavirus: “Still
the ink had barely dried as they hit us epidemic.”

the U.S. began a trade war with China on the initiative of trump at the end of 2017. The President spoke about the inadmissibility of a too large deficit of the bilateral trade balance and practices in violation of the Chinese companies of intellectual property rights. In response, he introduced increased duties on certain goods from China, which caused mirrored the reaction of Beijing. Subsequently, the same restrictions have been applied to goods from other countries, including EU members.

In January 2020, the United States and China signed a “first phase” of a comprehensive deal. Accordance with its terms, Beijing has pledged to buy more us goods, mainly agricultural. However, the agreement prevented the spread of the coronavirus that has hit demand in most countries of the world.