In the whole country investors wishing to invest in already established business, declined.

the Total demand for firms in the second quarter fell by a third. Besides, the prices have gone up in Russia on average by 52 percent. This is due to the fact that entrepreneurs were higher evaluate your business, and that put up for sale a “significant” objects.

“compared to last year the average cost of ready business in the country has increased more than two times and exceeded 13.9 million rubles. This jump is explained by the fact that in the second quarter, was put on sale a lot of expensive enterprises: shopping malls, carsharing factory”, – told in “Avito”.

At the request of “RG” analysts “Avito” unloaded data on the cost of ready business in Russia by industry.

In the second quarter of 2020 was the most expensive business in the field of trade. The average price of such firms grew by 2.5 times – up to 37,5 million rubles. The average cost of Internet stores decreased by 89 percent to 623 thousand. In January – March this figure exceeded five million rubles.

the Situation varies greatly by region. For example, in Voronezh, the Russian trend on the rise in price of a ready-made business is not working. Average sales price on their business here was below 40 percent and amounted to little more than two million rubles.

And the greatest decrease in prices (84 percent) occurred contrary to the situation in the country, in the field of trade. In the first quarter of a business in this category can be purchased for six million, in II quarter – over 942 thousand. “The most expensive will cost the Voronezh agricultural business, the average cost of $ 7.16 million rubles, and the cheapest – the purchase of the online store with the average price of 160 thousand”, – added in “Avito”.

the Most popular companies in the sphere of services and trade. And in 2019, these categories together account for more than half of the Russian demand.

But compared with January – March, the interest in buying such companies has weakened by 35 and 39 percent, respectively. In the cities, the picture is somewhat different. For example, in Voronezh, where trade is very developed historically, the demand for enterprises of this industry declined by only 25 percent.

the Reverse situation is observed in the section e-commerce. Booming sales of online stores were observed in Barnaul, where the number of ads increased by 63 percent. Choice for potential investors in this field was noticeably wider in Omsk, Rostov-on-don, Chelyabinsk and Volgograd.

“Much diminished interest in the business in the field of entertainment and catering – 51 and 41 percent, respectively – said in the “Avito”. – These industries were the most vulnerable at the beginning of quarantine and during the isolation means��flax dipped in revenue. When buying some of these companies will need to invest in the same way as when starting a business from scratch.”

One of the most striking trends associated with businesses in the agro-industrial complex (AIC). In this area the increased demand and supply. Moreover, in some regions in leaps and bounds.

So, in the whole country interest in agricultural enterprises increased by 15 per cent compared to January – March (expected for spring) and on 43 compared with the data for the second quarter of 2019.

In St. Petersburg, the demand for a business in agriculture in the time of the epidemic increased by 39 percent in Moscow to 70. In Togliatti potential buyers in April – June, addressed to the sellers are willing agribusiness three times more often than in the previous three months. In Yekaterinburg and Volgograd – twice. 70 percent of the demand in this category in Rostov-on-don, 50 in Barnaul.

listings of companies in agriculture for the second quarter increased by a quarter in Russia on average, 42 per cent – in Moscow, 17 in the Northern capital. Stands out well as Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-don, Izhevsk, where the choice for investors was two times wider.

“In the traditionally agricultural Krasnodar and Voronezh, this indicator increased on average by 92%, in Volgograd – 80, and in Kazan – 75. A significant increase in the number of ads on the sale of agricultural businesses showed users in Novosibirsk and Perm, Samara and Nizhny Novgorod”, – reported in the analytical service “Avito”.

Alexander Krasnoselskikh, laboratory research enterprise, Institute of applied economic research, Ranepa:

In the period of General isolation, the number of ads on the sale of businesses in catering has fallen. But the prices of these companies fell by only 3.7 percent.

What does that mean? That while entrepreneurs believe that business in this area will maintain or restore its profitability. Trade may increase the tendency of moving business online.

Decreased the average price of industrial and construction business. At the same time increased the number of ads about the sale at a price below the real value of assets. Sale of companies in the agricultural sector perked up in the Central district, the most affected by the pandemic, and in parallel increased the demand for them – businesses are actively looking for new niches. Given the constraints due Covid-19 entrepreneurs expect a rise in prices on food and try to get in a food market. Until the end of the year we can expect growth market businesses in connection with the desire of many employers to change the scope of activities.

Roman Kubanev, SEO management (Voronezh):

– In our industry, among drugstore chains, spike no, everything froze. No one sells their predpr��ment, all deployed strategic reserves of money and hope for change for the better.

We are monitoring the situation with non-residential premises suitable for a pharmacy. I also don’t see any “release” of the objects in the sale, saying, give up for any money. But in the short term, I’m sure that will start the change of ownership of the business. Pandemic just added fuel to the fire, spurring the processes of consolidation and centralization that came before. The market is going to consolidate the business, weaker companies join strong.

Inna Anisimova, CEO of communications Agency PR Partner (Moscow):

– last year I invested in a capsule hotel, diversified investments. Coronavirus has reduced the income to zero, but to sell a share he does not plan.

Investing in someone else’s business is, first, a way to increase capital. Second, the opportunity to develop, learn about the situation in the markets, be inspired by other people’s ideas. Finally, a chance to support fellow entrepreneurs.

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