MOSCOW, 30 Jul – RIA Novosti. The mayor’s office is doing everything to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but every man is responsible for the observance of a mode of isolation, said press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

“we all Have questions only need to be in this situation. The municipality is doing everything possible,” said Sands, answering the question, does the decline in the index of isolation in Moscow issues to city hall.

Sand added that one can only hope that people will heed the call of President Vladimir Putin and will not endanger their health and the health of loved ones and others.

when Asked about the tools used by the Kremlin to determine the level of isolation, Peskov noted that there are many sources, especially in large cities. “There are sources in many cities. Sources of cars that are on the line in the city go, these have all the data, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg, in large megacities. There are data on the number of passengers in public transport. There are data that provide services such as “Yandex”, which, of course, serves as a specific benchmark,” he said.

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