Recently the party “Communists of Russia”, as a response to the statement of Joseph Prigogine about the “monstrous position” representatives of show business, lost earnings due to widespread mode of self-isolation, announced that it will send to the family of the producer of the humanitarian assistance.

Prigogine has sent humanitarian aid

For the first time sent instant food, and then Prigogine was asked to try to get on the scene – working hands were always needed, and the salary is 25 to 50 thousand will not die of hunger.

Prigogine called this the story of noodles, the PR campaign of the party, and said that any humanitarian assistance yet never came.

“They lie and we lie. Still have not received their "instant noodles"”, — quotes the comment of Prigogine

However, if a shipment of instant noodles sent “Mail of Russia” and not a courier service, it is still some time will have to wait.

As reported by “the Rambler”, producer Iosif Prigozhin has declared, that the artists of coronavirus has appeared in “monstrous” situation.

According to him, the crisis has affected even the most popular artists, they are now “almost a disaster and are eating what was possible in his time to save”.