Once at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior I was waiting for a friend to go on awarding the Patriarchal literary award (the ceremony took place in the Hall of Church cathedrals). Around the seething life: Chinese tourists with smartphones constantly taking pictures of something; women in headscarves and long skirts seem to hurry at the same event, too; Asians workers wheeled carts of the border tile. And that a noisy wedding with the bride in a “Royal” dress, after — guys-cadets in a new form, and again the tourists, the Spanish pensioners — bouncy, curious.

And above all these human passions, concerns, interests, stood a giant white-gray majestic temple. There’s something wonderful in that first razed to the ground, now it is rebuilt again. Something to think about, looking at the walls: the fate of the Russian people and the Orthodox faith in the twentieth century, the paths of history and, finally, that man proposes and God disposes.

the architectural appearance of the capital, which opened with the area of the temple, visibly co-exist many worlds, epochs, styles. Red Kremlin and Stalinist skyscrapers, skyscrapers-new buildings and old churches, homes and manor houses; Yes, and many other things — big and small, and not very nice. Architecture is frozen music, as Friedrich Schelling and the city, and even as big as the Moscow Symphony. Or — novel-epic.

the Architectural appearance of Moscow, the reconstructed Church of Christ the Saviour and even awarding the Patriarchal literary award — the visible evidence that life on earth, the real coexist and compete several technological structures, eras. Some human creations survive for many centuries, others have to settle for years or even decades. The people — the main carrier of culture, something he manages to maintain in spite of momentary benefit, but there is also irreparable loss, as, however, and achievements-achievements — in any era.

Home, home is and the nature of man, his power, and will. The city strongly ouimet domestic freedom in exchange for comfort. The home of the Russian nowadays is mostly close flat, often removable or mortgage. But on the pavement feeling of the native land will not grow! (Talking about generations, not about exceptions.) In a city cramped, artificially constructed (at the time of de-industrialization of the country people gathered into cities in search of work and wages), not enough “juices of the earth,” the height of heaven, and conversations with Rowan and birch, Starling and Nightingale, to put it simply, not enough contemplation and freedom.

That sociologists “Levada-the Centre” confirmed that 41% of Russians aged 18 to 24 would like to leave the country for abroad for permanent residence (the survey of 2019). Many people do not like the political regime and the archaic legal culture, where “the law — that ��of Isla: where you will turn — back and left”. But if you look deeper, the rationalism of youth grows from fragmentation (at home nothing — neither family nor friends nor the people — so?!) and from feelings of rejection (if everything around someone else, it means that the real happiness where we are not).

the Speech, artistic expression is not only “the immortal gift” (the highest in their samples, of course), but also a priceless gift. If the child, the adolescent, the young man grows up in the “hype”, “drive” and “lifehack” if domestic search engines on the Internet when you query the word “house” given in the first ten lines of a physiologically candid TV show “Dom-2”, and senior officials commented on the verses of the profanity, if we can say that this is our culture, our literature, our culture and our government?! Or we have stepped into post-life of the people being witnesses of it, and that means that each of us, dying?.. And maybe looking abroad, the youth is trying to save at least his physical being?!..

of Course, the revived Cathedral of Christ the Savior brings hope, as the temple of the Russian Word will be purified from the “abomination of desolation” that the people come to their senses and return itself that is its domain and its contents. But to be honest, this hope is very slim. It is not only the movement of Russian history and the zigzags of our statehood, not in Vice and evil will specific rulers, not against the top of the super-rich for the preservation of their windfall, the super authority and over-consumption. There is a global world and we are part of it.

Never before had people not give so much time of his life information. In the train of the Moscow metro — bowed head. People “pray” to the new God — smart phone. The Moloch of informalism steals time, thoughts, and images of the real world, like a black hole carried away in the bowels of the Internet and social media personal photos and videos, phrases, impressions, news, correspondence, advertising, and media.

Yes, of course, there are benefits from this thread. About how from plastic bags and plastic bottles. They — need! They’re comfortable! But in the Pacific has formed several garbage Islands of plastic. Some of them much larger than Australia, and the largest is called the Eastern garbage continent.

poor is not the fact that the cultural management of Russia is carried out “the will of someone else” (in this case, of course, not the state Department or some “enemies” that has seized our public media and broadcast on the appalling volapük, which is affection and joy pick up the “media writers” and “opinion leaders”). The bad thing is that we can’t find a spiritual strength, even for applications for participation in the Future. In the information sink garbage classical masterpieces, sound ideas and constructive proposals.

Physical health of the Russian people — it has fundaNT of our existence. The political and legal system, social institutions — wall “people’s house”. The word, literature, song, tale, saying — this is our “roof”, making the structure livable, comfortable and family.

what is similar today is our common home? On the Stalinist skyscraper? No. The skyscraper? No. Maybe at the temple? No! This structure is similar to the temporary barracks for the workers at the gold mine “Sisim” in Krasnoyarsk region. You can live, and for the hard work you do something to pay. Of course, if you will not be washed away from the dam-the squatter, which was built to quickly pan for gold, which will go on a beautiful life of mine. And the popular indignation, sorrow and grief, too, will be drowned in garbage.

the Idol-smartphone-sets between the people of new connections. This is not the same people, United by language and culture, and the neural network in biological media, where they test the control algorithms and learning consultants and cultural experts. Information resisting violence, seeking to preserve personal space even in virtual reality, trying to capture moments of life, good opportunities numbers permit. Shaft self-portraits, household pictures and videos, flowers, cats, travels, experiences — all this instinctive “entry of the soul.”

to challenge the dehumanization, today it is irrationality, a movement against the current. This road is littered with windbreak informalism, and it seems that stepping on it is impossible. But there is a poet: “a Meaningless success and suffering, the Path of fate and the good star light, — Because without love for Russia, no vocation And no happiness, and no man”.