Specialists of the FIU answered the most relevant questions about the payment.

Who is eligible in the amount of 5 thousand rubles?

the Money will be given to all families with children under three years who qualify for maternity capital until July 1, 2020, including if the funds in the certificate has already been expended.

According to the presidential decree of April 7, 2020, the payment is put only on children under three years of age, including those who will turn 3 years old in April-June, 2020.

Payment is put on each child in the family under the age of three years.

If the child was born at the end of June, can I get paid in June?

Yes, you can. Under the law, entitled to a monthly payment must occur before July 1, 2020. Even if the child is born the 30 of June this year, the family will automatically be entitled to a monthly payment.

compensation is paid for those months when the child is under three years, and for the month in which he attained that age.

is it Possible to get additional pay without a certificate if the right to it is, but it has not yet been issued?

Yes, you can. The presence or absence of the parent state certificate for maternity capital does not affect the possibility of receiving monthly payments.

If the certificate has not yet been issued, but the right to have the Pension Fund own framed certificate simultaneously with the consideration and adoption of decisions on the implementation of the monthly payments.

Depends on whether the payment of family income?

the Payment does not depend on family income, the availability of work and wages, and receive any pensions, allowances, social benefits and other measures of social support.

How long will be paid a monthly assistance?

Tools are provided for each child once a month in the period from April to June 2020. When applying after June 30 the money will pay a lump sum for the entire period.

How do I apply for payment?

to obtain the funds sufficient to 1 October of the current year to submit the application in the personal Cabinet on the official website of the Pension Fund or the state Services portal. No additional documents to submit is not necessary. If necessary, the FIU independently request all the information.

the Statement also was adopted in the client services of the Pension Fund. However, in connection with measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection contact the FIU can now be by appointment only.

you Can go to any territorial body of the pension Fund (by place of residence, residence, residence). The statement may be submitted by the legal representative.

If the family has more than one child up to three years, whether PI��AMB statements for each?

If a family has two or more children under the age of three years, to obtain for each of the monthly payments is filled with one General statement. Two or more statements in this case, feeding is not required.

How to apply?

an Application may be filed only the owner of the certificate for maternity capital. For example, if the application was filed by the father of the child, and the owner of the certificate is his mother, this statement will be rejected.

the statement must specify the details of the Bank account of the owner of the certificate for maternity capital. Payment can not be at the expense of another person. If the application was filed with the Bank details of another person, it is possible to submit a new application with their Bank account details.

Support is provided to citizens of the Russian Federation living on the territory. In the case of a permanent family outside of the country, the monthly payment of 5 thousand rubles is not performed.

Payment is also not made if the suspension or restriction of the applicant’s parental rights in respect of a child and providing false information.