In the Crimea, in the village of Spacious Dzhankoysky district solemnly opened restored memorial in honor of soldiers-villagers who died during the great Patriotic war, and a memorial plaque hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Karpovich Yatsunenko. This was reported by the press service of the state Council of the Republic.

the Repaired monument was erected in 1990. His headstone has names of more than one hundred villagers who gave their lives and health in battles for the Motherland. The monument restored on the initiative of Chairman of the state Council of the Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov with the support of the deputies of the regional Parliament. Landscaped adjoining territory.

– the village Itself is Spacious and requires the support and assistance of regional authorities, – said Vladimir Konstantinov. – This work began with the restoration of the monument. During the war the Soviet Union lost over 27 million people. This is a tragic page of our history that should never be forgotten. Reconstruction of the monuments on the Peninsula will continue.

Immortalized on a plaque in the native village of Ivan Yatsunenko in 1954 was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union for heroism during the assault on the Sapun mountain and liberation of Sevastopol. Arrows 844 th infantry regiment 267-th infantry division, 51 army of the Fourth Ukrainian front in the assault of Sapun mountain may 7, 1944 assault took the red flag from the hands of the injured party organizer company Eugene Smilovice. One of the first he traversed the cliffs and steep ridge of Sapun mountain and hoisted on top of a red flag. Then repelled enemy attempts to capture or destroy the flag. The fire killed up to 25 of the Nazis, threw a few grenades of the trenches, captured 12 German soldiers and two officers. In the future, the battle for Sevastopol was seriously wounded and after recovery he served in the reserve infantry regiments. He died in 1983.

After the opening of the monument and memorial plaque to the hero in the village rally “Garden of memory”, during which young trees are planted in memory of the soldiers of the great Patriotic war.

monument to soldiers of the great Patriotic now rekonstruiruet and ennoble – in all settlements of the Peninsula. Their improvement and maintenance, involving local administration and members, patrons and volunteers, members of military-Patriotic clubs, Cossacks and employees of the Ministry of emergency situations of the Republic of Crimea. Only in the framework of the Federal target program “Perpetuating of memory of victims at protection of Fatherland in the years 2019-2024” in Crimea is planned in the next five years to refurbish the 100 objects of cultural heritage associated with events of the great Patriotic war. All in all, the Peninsula has more than 500 monuments dedicated to the great Patriotic war.