How is it done and what practical use, with the correspondent “RG” said the chief doctor of the city polyclinic № 69 Elena Seklycia-Kompanets. She said:

– using the Dutch Express system, we checked for the presence of antibodies to coronavirus 329 employees is a big part of our team. Unreached only people who are on sick leave or on home quarantine. The analysis is very simple and convenient to use: take a drop of blood no matter from the finger or from a vein. To apply for the test. If after 10 minutes there was a control strip, means the test is working properly. Nothing more is there? So, a healthy man, but antibodies had not. The appearance of stripes, indicating the presence of immunoglobulin – M, the true sign of initial process steps in the body of coronavirus infection. People still may not feel it, but he’s already contagious and requires immediate isolation and medical observation. If on the test strip appears on the presence of immunoglobulin-G, so he’s already had the coronavirus, maybe even without knowing it. But now he is healthy and, moreover, he has antibodies to this infection.

In the polyclinic № 69 patients, fortunately, was not found. “But if it turned out that they are, we should be able to isolate them and prevent outbreaks throughout our institution”, – commented the results of inspection the doctor. Another discovery: four employees of the antibodies already have! “Moreover, we checked that none of the contacts during a pandemic, not ill – neither the patients nor colleagues, nor their relatives and friends. So these people can work quietly in our COVID center and pneumonias the team that works with patients at home.”

Note that the indisputable evidence that people who recover from coronavirus, re not sick, according to the who, no. But the practice and of foreign countries, and it has its own, Moscow, confirms that transfusion patients blood plasma of people with this infection, significantly improves its condition. They do not reach the severe stage in which not to do without mechanical ventilation. That is, in any case, antibodies be on guard of health of the person who has them and give him a chance to become a donor and help in the treatment of sick people.

meanwhile, the capital is not limited to testing of health care workers. A day in the city now is more than 20 thousand analyses. Mandatory test for coronavirus is taken from the people with signs of SARS patients with pneumonia and those who live with these people. Organized screening all patients non-infectious hospitals Moscow, as well as employees who come into contact with residents, medical and social workers, withofficers of the transport, utilities, police. Situation with the incidence that is emerging in the city, forcing city officials to be alert. Currently, the number of patients in the capital has reached 48, 426. Moreover, in the last week compared with the previous increase in the incidence of pneumonia, according to Cancer, was 70 percent.