Paul Priluchny/Miroslava Karpovich.

About a week ago in a press there were rumors that almost immediately after the official divorce from 31-year-old Agatha muceniece 32-year-old Paul Priluchny twisted new novel. These conversations began after the actor was spotted in the company of the stars of the TV series “Daddy’s girls”, 34-year-old Miroslava Karpovich. Together, they were spotted on the streets of the capital immediately after leaving the shopping center. Eyewitnesses said that Paul was carrying not only shopping bags but also a handbag of his companion.

Miroslava Karpovich

After the photos of the pair taken that day, flew around the Internet, many subscribers immediately concluded that Miroslav became the new darling of the actor. Themselves Karpovich and Priluchny these rumours about himself have not commented on. In this case, fans of Paul have already made a real materskou attack on the page Miroslava in social networks. They write angry comments, which insult the actress and even send her threats. The essence of these messages is reduced to one: Karpovich better to leave Priluchnogo, because it is not right for him, otherwise the fans will not let her quiet life.

Paul Priluchny with ex-wife Agatha muceniece and son Timothy

the comments In the profile Miroslava, fortunately, was found and its defenders. They reminded the world that the threat you can get a real criminal penalties, and Karpovich was advised not to pay attention to the anger of members and temporarily close the comments under the photo.

it is Known that Paul Priluchny and Miroslava Karpovich familiar for quite a long time: they have long been colleagues in the performance “Cosmetics of the enemy”. After the appearance of their joint images in the media immediately said that the actor began to have signs of attention Miroslava, being married, and after the official divorce finally gave vent to feelings. No official confirmation of this information.

Miroslava Karpovich

Recall that in mid-June, the marriage of Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchnogo was official terminated: actors who have been married for nine years, peacefully agreed on the division of property and raising two children together. Soon after the divorce was published on YouTube a short interview with Paul for the project “together”, in which he admitted that he absolutely cannot be alone.

I hate being alone. Can’t be alone. I need someone was. I even can not work alone. I need someone to talked to, was something happening. I have two dogs, cats, fish. I solved this problem

admitted Priluchny.

Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny