his Right eye is swollen 21-year-old girls after making love to a Beau. The girl most likely happened allergic to semen, which is extremely rare.

the Trouble occurred in the apartment in Western Moscow, which takes 4 years Anastasia, coming from the Far East. She works as a seller. About a year ago the girl began to meet with peers. Sometimes the pair spent the night together. Sexually young people how they felt before this sticky situation, got used to each other.

However, on the night of 30 June when they made love, there was an unexpected problem. When the semen got on the girl’s face, she felt a burning sensation and itching. Looking at herself in the mirror, the young lady was stunned: swollen the entire right side of the face – eyelids, cheek and swollen eye. Flushing with water did not help. About two o’clock she called the medics. Those diagnosed with conjunctivitis and treated with eye. Swelling of the skin soon diminished, but the next morning the eyes were still red and puffy.

Previously allergies the young lady did not suffer. Meanwhile, the Allergy to semen really is sometimes found – though this is extremely rare. Sometimes sensitive skin reacts to a protein in seminal fluid. The symptoms are similar to bites of bees and wasps redness, burning of the skin. Help antihistamines. Foreign scientists have conducted research and identified a pattern of Allergy to semen affects women who have an Allergy to dogs.