The epidemic of coronavirus in Russia does not stop, as people behave irresponsibly and do not observe precautions. This opinion shared with reporters patients COVID-19 undergoing treatment in Irkutsk city clinical hospital No. 1.

According to one of the patients, she always wore the mask, observe the rules of hygiene, and tried not to visit places with large crowds, but still contracted the coronavirus.

“I think it’s public transport… People are acting extremely irresponsible. And here is the result — the hospital is full”, — quotes its words “the Russian newspaper”.

Another patient with COVID-19 also noted that the observed regime of self-isolation. However, it had to break because of sick mother-in-law. While the man had a relative in the hospital, caught himself with his wife. His roommate said that did not believe in the existence of coronavirus, so not wearing a mask and got sick.

The specialists of Huajumbaro University of science and technology found that the probability of death from the coronavirus increases several times, if a person has high blood sugar levels. According to their observations, due to such ailment. clots formed, writes a portal”.ru”.