As found “Kommersant”, the Federal Agency for transport supervision for three weeks in June revealed that the airports and airlines, more than 500 cases of violations of the anti-recommendations. Most passengers and staff in airports and airlines forget to wear masks and gloves. In addition, not all airports at the entrance to the terminal to check the temperature of passengers, this is not always done and when boarding the flight. Experts believe some of these recommendations, in particular double thermometry, to excess, but they say that completely abandon them is impossible, as it will reduce the confidence of passengers to transport.Territorial Department of Gosavianadzor 1 through June 24, held a 543 verification of compliance with the recommendations of the Ministry of transport to ensure the sanitary and anti-epidemic measures. Total found 518 violations of the airlines and airports, including airports accounted for 353 violations. The relevant statistics is given in the appeal of Deputy head rostransnadzora Andrey Shnyrev to the head of Rosaviatsiya Alexander Neradko (there is a “b”).Inspections affected by 409 aircraft and 134 of the airport. In his letter Mr. Shnyreva says that in General, the sanitary-epidemiological requirements are met, and the number of violations is reduced. However, inspectors are faced with a “typical facts.” Among the most common — the lack of masks and gloves from passengers, employees, airports and airline personnel, including pilots and cabin crew. In addition, the temperature measurement from the passengers when boarding is not in all cases, and in airports all entrances to terminals equipped with imagers and contactless thermometers. Not all airports are fully carried out regular cleaning of public areas using disinfectants.In particular, based on the results of inspections of the airline “Victory”, Globus (S7), Azimut Nord Star does not monitor the body temperature of passengers at presence of symptoms of infectious diseases. All other recommendations of the Ministry of transport — disinfection of aircraft before making each flight, carrying the crew members of means of individual protection, the use of disposable utensils — these airlines perform.Check in Sheremetyevo airport on June 19 highlighted the lack of masks and gloves the employees of the border guards and employees of service of aviation security standing at the entrance of the plane. On the same day revealed the absence of the non-contact thermometer on Board of the SSJ100 aircraft “Aeroflot” (similar problems were identified at other airports also on the aircraft S7 and “Russia”). In “Aeroflot” have refused comments. Kommersant’s source in the company asserts that complies strictly with all recommendations, and the aircraft is equipped with anti-bacterial wipes with disinfectantthe advantages, gloves and masks. At Sheremetyevo, “y” stated that the staff of “Sheremetyevo Safety” use protective devices. Thus, according to the airport, security check of the transport supervision on 19 June was not carried out, as it does this year.In Domodedovo on June 18, according to rostransnadzora, the airport informed passengers with audio announcements about the need to use masks and gloves. In Domodedovo say that he had not received the letter, but has recently successfully been tested for compliance. “Also on a regular basis, the airport sends to the controller reporting on compliance with the requirements of health security, including regular audioinformation about the need to wear the personal protective equipment. Employees on a permanent basis are tested for COVID-19”,— said at the airport.In Pulkovo on June 18 was not observed safe distance when boarding and disembarking passengers, were not used masks and gloves. In the “Air gates of Northern capital” (VVSS, manages Pulkovo airport) stressed that the airport is responsible for thermometry only at the entrance to the terminal, while boarding for temperature measurement meet representatives of the airline. “PPE is available at vending machines at the entrance to the passenger terminal, in the halls of the registration of the baggage and expectations of departures for domestic flights and Pulkovo airport, as well as in stores and pharmacies airport terminal, said the company.— In Pulkovo intensive cleaning and disinfection of the premises and contact surfaces. The air in the terminal Pulkovo is disinfected using ultraviolet recirculators”.The requirements of the Ministry of transport in some cases contradictory, said the Executive Director of the Agency “AviaPort” Oleg Panteleev. “Thorough implementation of the recommendations will prolong procedures, increase the time you Board and the growth of nervousness passengers. Thermometry immediately prior to planting creates congestion and increases the time when passengers are in close proximity to each other. In addition, when boarding via jet bridge may be draft — the air flow along the line, creating a risk of transmission,” he notes. On the other hand, the widespread violation of the recommendations reduces the level of confidence in the epidemiological safety of air transport, says Mr. Panteleev. In his opinion, you can soften some of the recommendations, such as to cancel the double thermometry, leaving only the temperature measurement at the entrance to the terminal. Over the implementation of the remaining recommendations should follow stricter, he said.Herman Kostryns’ka