The government is going to start to estimate the cost of building ships which are built for the budget. Now such a state expertise is not carried out, the prices in state programs will be determined largely by peers, adjusted for inflation and in some cases have little in common with reality. This problem is particularly acute for high-value and unique vessels such as nuclear-powered icebreakers. According to “Kommersant”, as customers and shipyards to support the introduction of such expertise, as it reduces the risk of future claims by the accounting chamber and the Prosecutor’s office.The Ministry has prepared a bill that imposes a mandatory examination of the cost of construction, design, repair and disposal of ships and floating facilities using budget funds. Changes are proposed to the law on industrial policy. Expected date of entry into force to July, 2021.As noted in the explanatory note, the law does not regulate the pricing of construction and design of ships. In addition, the customer (the main Manager of budgetary funds) shall not be obliged to confirm the validity of the justification of the cost of construction of vessels. This makes it difficult to test the effectiveness of use of budgetary funds and reduces the accuracy of the determination of prices. Under the bill, the government will have the right to approve the procedure of examination of the substantiation of estimated value of ships and to issue a conclusion about its reliability. Commissioner for determination of the estimated value and costs of design, construction, utilization and repair of ships will be the Ministry of industry and trade. The introduction of this system will enhance the reliability of the determination of prices, the document says.Some interlocutors of “Kommersant” claim that often the contractors focus on the cost of construction of vessels under this programme, with justifications for these numbers is very small. It happens that since the start of the contest and settlement runs from one to several years, and the total price of the product increases. To manage this process, you need to disable to build without examination, said one of the interlocutors “Kommersant”. He stressed that pricing is not done for two or three days, it’s at least a year from concept to technical design. The higher the readiness of the project, the more you can determine the price, concludes the source “b”. Meanwhile, in the preparation of government programs often is building experimental or pilot models, the cost of which is difficult to assess directly.About the problems of lack of expertise for the courts repeatedly mentioned by the head of the United shipbuilding Corporation (USC) Alexey Rakhmanov. In the Corporation, “Kommersant” reported that “fully support this bond��NT”. Moreover, misleading there, USC the most dense way is working together with the Ministry of industry, as the construction of ships for government clients for the budget is a very important and sensitive. Currently there is no tool as state examination of project documentation and pricing, add it.The need for such examination is repeatedly said in the “Rosatom”. As he wrote RBC may 16, 2018, the accounting chamber has any questions to the cost of construction of the head of the nuclear icebreaker “Arktika” (LK-60). According to “Kommersant”, because of lack of such examination “Rosatom” for a long time they were negotiating the price of construction has no analogues icebreaker “Leader”. Problems with the cost of construction arose, according to interlocutors, and icebreakers being built and should be built for Rosmorrechflot. Kommersant’s sources in the industry say that the companies regularly encounter difficulties due to the lack of expertise, when they come to the chamber and the Prosecutor’s office or have to report to the Ministry of economy and Finance Ministry. Today, such expertise do CNIIMF and CTSS, but the Ministry does not accept their evaluation, referring to the fact that stock companies, not government agencies.The head “Infoline-Analytics” Michael Burmistrov says that the bill addresses the gaps in the legislation. When implemented effectively, it will improve the transparency of pricing issues necessary for the implementation of the state support of the shipbuilding industry and water transport.Anastasia Vedeneeva