First on the exam I went to the guys who pass geography 17 thousand graduates. Only 34 tasks you need to perform for 3 hours. In the exam you can use a ruler, protractor and a non-programmable calculator. The minimum score for admission to the University – 37.

in addition, 58 thousand children pass in that day literature. 17 jobs are given 3 hours 55 minutes. The minimum score that will be allowed in the University is 32.

3 Jul 98 thousands of graduate computer science. 27 job – they are given 3 hours and 55 minutes. Rosobrnadzor established the minimum score – 40. But really, to get into most universities on a budgetary place, you need to gain much more.

So worried about everything: the graduates, teachers, and parents. “The results of the participants of the exam in geography, literature, and Informatics will know no later than 17 July”, – reported in Rosobrnadzor.

What is important? For the first time on exams attracted 12 thousand health workers.

They are non-contact temperature measure of a graduate and determined to admit it or not, if it is raised. Those who will not allow disease to pass exams in basic terms, quietly come to the exam in reserve days. Their schedule is sufficient.

the Schedule is made so that all have time to apply to universities – said earlier, the acting head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev. – All universities are connected to our database with the results of the exam. From August 20 universities will begin to generate lists and rankings of applicants.

the Organizers of the exam, teachers and observers this year to wear masks and gloves. But unified requirements for graduates to use masks not. School classes before each exam ventilated, clean them with disinfectants. At the entrance dispensers with antiseptics. And yet, in many schools, children come to the exam groups at different times to avoid the crowds at the entrance. In the classroom they are seated in a zigzag pattern, at a distance of 1.5 meters.

Follow the course of examination of public observers through the camera, they are neural networks and artificial intelligence. If “Eleshnica” caught with a mobile phone – results cancel. And to retake them this year will be impossible. If graduate are unhappy with their scores to retake this year he will not be able too. On Monday and Tuesday, 6 and 7 July, will be the most popular exam in the Russian language. Need it for admission for all specialties in the universities. It will take more than 670 thousand people.