All the main materials about the spread of coronavirus infection of the new type in the world.

the Main news about the coronavirus, and operational data and communications regional headquarters for infection control in the News story

March 11, 2020, the General Director of the world health organization tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus has announced the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

*a Pandemic is the spread of a new disease on a global scale. Usually, the pandemic mean disease that took a massive, endemic, striking a significant part of the population. Earlier pandemics were recognized outbreak of plague, cholera and swine flu.

Refugees, chaos and Ramadan at home. As the coronavirus changed the life in the middle East. Pandemic coronavirus came to the Middle East, weakened by internal divisions, civil wars, influx of refugees, the fall in oil prices, poverty and discontent of the population.

Country nepuganyh patients. Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are white spots on the map of affected States. The world health organization (who) data from local authorities publicly does not put into question, but in the West in the Central Asian miracle did not believe.

the Local authorities refused to mass quarantine and isolation, but rigidly follow the citizens using smartphones, briefly tested population COVID-19 and gave the money to the doctors.