In the village of Shestakovo, Kemerovo region, a group of paleontologists from the state University found numerous remains of dinosaurs. The researchers reported on his page in Instagram.

In particular, found the teeth, vertebrae, maxilla and other bones belonging to the ancient animals. Examining one tooth of a lizard, specialists initially concluded that this is the remains of a stegosaurus, then assumed it was psittacosaur. But further examination of the tooth showed that it belonged to a completely different lizard species. One in particular, scientists plan to find out.

Also discovered the bones of dinosaurs who belong to the family of iguanas, but the specific form is still not exactly described.

the Village of Shestakovo is a known point on the map of the Kemerovo region. Here is the largest in the Russian cemetery of dinosaurs. The first excavations occurred about 70 years ago. In Shestakovo, for example, was discovered a complete skeleton of a dinosaur, this is the second such discovery in the country, first found in Blagoveshchensk.

they found the remains of the psittacosaurs, ornithischian dinosaurs. The scientists came across the bones of therizinosaurus, plateosaurus, disposables. Found here the remains of crocodiles, turtles and lizards.

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