– Gone are the days when Prince Vladimir was some semblance of an epic character – emphasizes the Deputy head of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media Vakhtang Kipshidze.

the First reason is the actualization of his figures is the reference in the amendments to the Russian Constitution (and in the regulatory part) of faith in God, believes Kipshidze. It is a kind of contemporary confirmation is made more than a thousand years ago Prince Vladimir.

And the recent events in Istanbul around the Hagia Sophia is a Christian Holy places and the great cultural heritage at the same time – again updated this topic. It is in the baptistery near the Hagia Sophia was baptized the Holy equal to the apostles Olga. Several decades later, the ambassadors of her grandson, Prince Vladimir, in the same Sophia I saw and understood something that determined the choice of faith and civilizational ways of development of Ancient Russia and modern Russia.

the Events of the time more losing fabulously epic color and become historical evidence. And it’s not only that the baptism of St. Olga at Constantinople is confirmed by a German chronicle, and that the baptism of Rus ‘ became one of the semantic centers and our state and statehood as such. Those who doubt the “as such” historians recall that after the baptism of Rus Prince Vladimir, for example, abolished his state’s death penalty. The Principality without the death penalty in the X century – it was precisely the attempt of the new state.

welcome To the perfect “Symphony” of the relations of Church and state rarely came. (As one of the best in this sense, a time historians speak of the end of XIV – early XV century – the time of Alexius of Moscow and St. Sergius of Radonezh, when the Church and the state wanted one thing – getting rid of the Horde.) But when he passed the terrible times and came formidable rulers of the Church was not easy. “Symphony as consent, well and good, but more often the relationship of Church and state was formed by the word of the gospel of Christ: “God of gods, and Caesar” – like, a DECR staff member, deacon Fedor Shulga.

Today we live in a time when the world may be forgiven with certainty that a secular state is the best it can be. There is a lot of secularism, brought to absurdity, reminiscent of Vakhtang Kipshidze. Therefore, it is important the significance of today’s celebration. In the Church today, he will begin with the divine Liturgy. Christmas sermon of Patriarch in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior will be one of its main events. And when you consider that the intellectual burden of the preaching of the Patriarch always dense and full of comparisons with the content of the experience of time, we will definitely hear new meanings of the holiday. Day was baptizedia Russ always brings the attention to Kiev, as to the common baptismal font of the Slavic peoples. “Kiev says about this day – reminiscent of Professor of St. Tikhon Orthodox humanitarian University Vladislav parsley. The name of the main street that was once a stream Khreshchatyk, and the memory of Pochaina, the tributary of the Dnieper, where Prince Vladimir baptized the people, it seems, in the long term”. After that it’s time for the “Orthodox matrix”, and it was a fateful choice.