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the ministry of Justice and beredskapsminister Monica Mæland and the health and care services ms. Bent High, held today the first daily press conference about koronasituasjonen after easter.

Everything about koronaviruset

Before easter could be Lofty to declare that Norway had the epidemic under control. Then showed the numbers that each koronasmittede person probably infected 0,7 other people.

It led to the kindergartens and the elementary schools got a partial go-ahead to open again.

Now also planning the police to reopen some services for the public again, says Mæland. Politistasjonene has been closed for physical attendance page 13. march.

In the course of the next week will the police partially reopened for selected police. It comes to reviews of serious crime, the issuance of passports and the processing of immigration and residency cases, ” says Mæland.

efforts are made now to ensure the necessary smitteforebyggende measures. Anyone who can use telephone or online services, are encouraged still to avoid physical attendance.

NRK answer: korona Height: – We have been koronaepidemien under control – Long to all will be as before

Health – and care services ms. Bent High started with to thank all who have been on the job in the health – omsorgstjenesten of easter, and the Norwegian legeteamet that are in place in Italy.

– the Soon-coming hairdressers to open the doors, and physiotherapists to meet the patients face to face. And then it is very easy to think that everything will be as before, but I have to emphasize that it is a long time until everything will be as before, ” says High.

the Numbers through easter still shows that an infected person on average infects less than one new person. High stresses that everyone must continue to comply with the smittevernreglene forward.

– If we fail, we need to tighten up again. We have taken the control together. It has had a high price. We must keep control of them, and it is very easy to lose it, ” says High.

Mæland says she has the understanding that some believe it is unsafe to start up again with school and kindergarten.

It means a little more freedom, but first and foremost more responsibility. It is very important that individuals have the appropriate behavior to limit the infection. There is much that is uncertain, and we have managed to limit the contagion. We have to take care of the further, ” she says.

Head of department, Line Violence at the Norwegian institute of public health informs that the tutor for kindergarten and skoleåpning will be ready in the course of the week.

Norway peaks list of the countries that will manage best through koronakrisa the ministry of Health hope to be able to test 100,000 in a week within the change Increases the testkapasiteten

Both Maeland and director Bjørn Guldvog aimed also index finger towards those who have taken the chance to participate in the feasts in the week of easter.

– It is unfortunate. If we are to succeed, we rely on that all follow the advice from the health authorities. The message is really that all should follow, says Guldvog.

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Guldvog says that they expect to be able to increase the testkapasiteten powerful in the course of the next few weeks.

– This is possible thanks to the help of technology from NTNU and St. Olavs hospital. This is important for us. First, to be able to detect and isolate those who are infected and stop the spread at an early stage, and for the other to be able to test all in quarantine, so they can get faster back on the job, says Guldvog.

There has been a decline in the number of admissions. Last night got 53 people respiratorbehandling. The day before the number was 58.

– There is a tendency that has held up through the easter season, and we are happy, says Guldvog.

Head of department, Line Violence at the Norwegian institute of public health describes påskedagene as quite quiet.

– all in All, we see that the sykehusinnleggelsene are declining, and this is positive. Smittetallet is still low, ” she says.

the average age of those who are reported infected is 47 years, with equal distribution between women and men. Snittalderen of the dead is 84 years, and snittalderen on intensivpasientene is 62 years.

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