It was just before easter the newly created stipendordningen from UiT Norway’s arctic university ” was published.

It is applicable to both the so-called disiplinstudiene, where you to fall can take årsstudium, master’s or bachelor’s degree in kven or Finnish. Here it is possible to get 25 000 in scholarship in the year.

And it applies to the teacher education program in Alta. Where can you take kven as a subject in grunnskolelærerutdanning to be qualified to teach in the kven and get 5 000 in scholarships for every 15 credits you have. To together you can get 20 000.

You can read about scholarships here.

If you are searching in kven at the University, his studiekatalog you get the following options up where kven is a part of the study.

Photo: NRK a Great shortage of current teachers

There is a great need for teachers in kven. Earlier in the winter was called a stipendordning to deal with lærermangelen, in several cases, NRK Kven published.

the university pledged to grasp in the case.

And now a stipendordning in place. It is the dean Sonni Olsen at campus Alta happy.

the Dean at the UiT Norway’s arctic university Sonni Olsen do not think that she get such a great søknadsbunke that she can’t guarantee that everyone gets a scholarship.

Photo: UiT

I hope that the possibility of a scholarship provides will make it even more attractive for more people to start on the kven study. We see that there is a need for more study the kven and become teachers in our region, both in kindergartens and schools, ” she says.

She refers to the great need for kven competence also in other areas, but also the growing interest in kven.

We see that there is a greater interest for the kven language, and I hope it will lead to more take hold of it also at the university level.

the Scholarship is not fullfinansiering of all expenses for a study.

– But it should cover the additional costs one has to travel and to study and that one would otherwise need, ” says Olsen.

teacher training course in kven started in the fall of 2019. They are flexible so that you don’t need to be with campus, but can attend classes via the web, and collections.

Anyone seeking to get scholarship

the Deadline to apply for scholarship is set to 1. October, but Olsen says they will process the applications continuously.

– You may submit your application as soon as you have decided to study. We have a late deadline because it can get students who want to select the kven later.

Those searching for grunnskolelærerutdanningen do not need to decide whether they will take the kven before they face up to the new academic year. Then it is stupid if the deadline is passed out, ” she says.

And she guarantees that everyone gets a scholarship.

Also the county lights out scholarship

Also, the County governor in Troms and Finnmark, has announced scholarships/grants for those who want to take continuing education in the Finnish/kven. In the last year had governor issues with to get applicants and had to extend the deadline, but it resolved itself eventually.

This is a scheme which has been around for a while and that schools and teachers can apply for. The money goes to the relevant municipality as a grant and videreutdanningen must provide competence in Finnish/kven as a second language.

Read more about the scheme here.

the Scheme works so that the municipality get a refund of the teacher’s base salary. The applicant must have an approved lærerutdannelse and permanent employment. You can read more about the scheme here.

the Scheme involves a contract period for at least two years in primary school for the who are awarded such a studiehjemmel. Here is the application deadline 17. april.