Discovered Earth-like exoplanet whose orbit goes around the stars, also resembling our Sun. An open system is much like a mirror reflection of the earth and the Sun.

according to a press release from the max Planck Society, scientists believe: there is a chance that KOI-456.01, as he called the new planet, maybe life.

It is one of several orbiting the stars Kepler-160 located away from the center of our galaxy at a distance of about three thousand light-years and light-emitting in the visible spectrum, not infrared light, which is considered an important aspect of fitness for life. The similarity to Earth KOI-456.01, including, due to its size.

According to one of the researchers rené Heller, it is relatively large in relation to many other planets, considered as potentially habitable”.

– the combination of the size of the planet – smaller than the two earths, and Central solar-type stars provides it a feature and “awareness”, – explained the scientist.