About 700 thousand students we have finished the 11th grade, about 1.4 million of the 9-th class. Decided for obvious reasons not to carry out state final certification of pupils in face-to-face format. Therefore, the certificates for students of 9th and 11th grades will receive up to 15 June. And certification will be held for current school ratings. In respect of MSE – it is decided not to pursue.

the exam will take those graduates who plan to enroll in higher educational institutions. For the things they need to do this.

in Conjunction with the CPS and into the spotlight we carefully are now working on the preparation of the examinations with each region. Measures to protect the health of students and teachers will be taken to the maximum. Recommendations on ventilation and disinfection of premises, distance between participants, the size of classrooms and other necessary requirements have already communicated to the regions.

We help schools and teachers with a meaningful part – giving techniques, explain how best to work in these conditions to teachers and pupils, and parents could easily adapt. Interest in learning we are backed by modern methods and new interactive projects – for example, the Russian school,, video tutorials, on TV. But we cannot lose sight of the fact that there are certain limits that cannot be exceeded in the use of online programs and gadgets, in order not to harm the health of children. Therefore, the lessons were carefully – something online, something in the framework of tasks and notes.

We recommend the regions to launch a health campaign from 1 July. Where possible and permissible from the point of view of the epidemiological situation. We will use all resources, including schools and institutions of further education. It is clear that for us in the first place the health and leisure students, and organizers of the summer holidays. Therefore, the CPS developed recommendations that will be implemented in each camp to protect the health of travelers students. Recommendations about how to spend the summer campaign within their region. May 25-a special “hot line” on the basis of our focal point. Her phone: 8 800 444 35 38.

from the very beginning of the epidemiological situation drew the attention of each region in strict compliance with all labour rights of teachers. First of all, talking about wages, we managed to prevent the decline of wages in connection with the “non-working” days. We have also noticed regions in terms of high alert will need to adjust the vacation schedule. This is primarily due to the fact that the image was transferred, the timing of the exam. Closely monitor the implementation of measures approved by the President, by poddthe support for class teachers. Since September, all class teachers will receive a Federal allowance for work in the amount of 5 thousand rubles. And we always make sure that they have kept all the regional and other similar payments that have already been.

At the beginning of the next school year will be carried out diagnostics of knowledge of students. Based on this analysis we will develop a program of assistance to schools, teachers, and children to fill possible knowledge gaps. Also will be adjusted programs of preparation and professional development of teachers. All this is necessary to improve the quality of the education system.

This important bill. He brings to the state level concepts such as the formation of patriotism, citizenship of the younger generation, reinforces the need for educational programs in schools.

Actually, it returns the educational function of schools, the regulatory fixes it. Not only for family but also for the education system. Of course, we are waiting for this law, waiting for its education system.

the Current schedule of the Unified state examination for the whole country now looks like this: 29, 30 June – mock exam (without schoolchildren). From 3 July to 23 July – the main wave in all subjects. 24, 25 July – reserve days. For those who for valid reasons cannot participate in the exam in July, there will be additional exam periods: 3, 5, 7 and 8 August. The schedule is made so that all participants have time to apply to universities.

– this sample exam is not for students, but for adults. For the organizers, technicians, medical personnel. Now the medical staff will measure the temperature of the disciples at the entrance, to ensure that all organizers were wearing masks and gloves. Plus – to be disinfected not only the property but also the hands of all participants of the exam. And we were never faced with the need to organize the distance between the participants of the exam. This is the new reality, – told “RG” the acting head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev.

whether you want to be graduates of the mask on the exam?

Anzor Muzaev: the Situation in different regions. Moreover, by July she may still change. We are often asked not only about masks, but also about the gloves. Imagine what it’s like to sit in July with gloves on for 4 hours? And masks, including – it’s not easy. With the CPS we have developed such a recommendation: in the “heavy” regions, local authorities themselves will make the decision, it is necessary or not. In those regions where the danger of infection there, the infection took on the format of, say, zero, to use these tools need not be. It is the choice of subjects.