“This is not the online lessons in schools. This exciting team work in group chats. For example, together with professional counselors children staying at home, remove a virtual cinema or try to create a theater. The task of counselors – as long as possible to keep the child in the field of joint real activity. Sessions include physical and creative activity, tasks are divided into individual and collective. Of course, the healthier they are irrelevant, but as a means of engaging in a useful and efficient operation work well,” – said Protsenko.

At the moment we know about the opening 67 online shifts, by June 1, their number may increase. Some of them will take children for free, in some regions, as in the Ulyanovsk region, the issue of compensation of expenses for a place in the commercial online the change at the expense of local budgets.

the opening of the summer camps, as previously announced by the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov, in most cases is not expected until July. The decision will be taken by local authorities based on the epidemiological situation.

“Camp to receive children ready. Waiting for solutions in the regions”, – the words of head of the center Leonid Protsenko.

He also reminded that the remain closed all of the black sea camp. And in the Krasnodar region even has a hard mode for arrival: all guests are now placed on a two-week observation. So you need to be prepared that is likely to send a child this summer, will succeed only in a country camps within their region.

According to Leonid Protsenko, it is possible that in some regions of the country camps can open in mid-June, but the city’s camps in Metropolitan areas will be connected to the organization of children’s rest, not before 1 August.