“In the framework of superservis portal is several of services and it happens unbeknownst to the citizen, who is spared from having to visit the University several times. This is especially true now, in podkarantinnoy period”, – said the Deputy head of the Ministry of communications of Russia Oleg Kachanov.

To get access to the services of superservis need to register on the portal of public services. The user can:

– to select universities for admission;

– to send an application for admission with the necessary documents;

– to learn about the dates, additional entrance examinations;

– keep track of your place in the competitive lists;

– manage consent for enrollment;

to amend the Declaration;

– learn about enrollment, after receiving notice from the University.

To submit superservis the documents to the University, you must fill out the application and attach the required documents (copy of certificate of graduation, diplomas, evidence of individual achievement included in admission). They can scan or take a picture. The original certificate in the year 2020 for admission to the University is not needed. It should be submitted only after admission to the University. It must be done within the first year.

Also in 2020 documents to the universities you can apply without waiting for the results of the exam. Examination results will be transferred there automatically. If the student took the exam in previous years, he may indicate it in the application. Upon admission to the University, the applicant will receive a notification from the portal to the e-mail or personal account. Gradually to superservis connect 54 a Russian University.