How to have the wedding under threat COVID-19? Fearing infection, many couples postponed the event to a more favorable period. Others invent their, sometimes very extravagant ways.

In protective gear, blankets, and Bathrobe. As soon as don’t come to the Registrar during the period of the pandemic the couple. Guests via video link, and someone to catch the bride’s bouquet, choose randomly. This all — new trends in the wedding industry era COVID-19.

From pandemic wedding industry suffered greatly, Many couples have decided to cancel the celebration. And losses from wedding photographers, presenters, restaurants and event agencies according to experts, can reach billions of rubles.

But there are also lovers who are not afraid to be infected and continue to play a wedding. In the name of love, not in spite of death.

on April 25 in Nevinnomyssk the couple, despite the pandemic COVID-19 decided to get married. However, the outfits for the pageant chose a kind — in the spirit of home isolation.

So, the bride is the wedding dress wrapped in a blanket, and the groom changed his formal suit for a Bathrobe.

Extravagant couple, when they left the registry office, in the video, filmed by eyewitnesses.

Nevinnomyssky act Bridal appreciated. “Well done. Cool. But not canceled. Who wanted to get married, married no matter what”, — said in the comments ellaandreychenko2911.

there were also dissatisfied. “I guess still is not good a sad time to print at my wedding, wrote naika_n1. And all this will remain in the memory, and then will show them, they say, look, there was a quarantine, it was the fashion for duvets and pillows. So we decided to wear the same outfit.”

the Couple from Ufa arranged marriage in respirators. April 24, Vyacheslav Egorov and Valery Valeev came to the registry office in respirators and rubber gloves.

Guests at the time of the marriage was not. Only the photographer. After an employee of the Registrar’s office announced the couple husband and wife, they wore their wedding rings on chains. Vyacheslav Egorov was wearing rubber gloves, and embellishment on the toe he just didn’t fit. Kiss also had respirators.

Wedding dance couple performed right on the street in front of the wedding Palace your favorite tune from your smartphone. Congratulations from the guests Egorov took also in the trends of the new reality — via Skype. Also a video about the bride and “threw” the bouquet to unmarried girlfriends — randomly selecting one of them. After the winner of the bouquet received it by courier.

“the New reality is not a reason to cancel love — told in an interview, the newly minted mother-in-law Svetlana Egorova. — Perhaps young then I want to mention a noisy wedding when we’re out of quarantine.”

According to Skype the wedding was held and the couple andz of Kyrgyzstan Iskander and Julia. Together with the guests at the celebration were invited and the host of musicians and even a magician.

Just for the wedding joined by 40 guests.

“the Main thing — do not lose heart, says the bride, Julia Kim — not to worry. Just be happy and cheerful”.

“Plus we have another 30 kg of buckwheat and toilet paper,” said Iskander Halmurzaev.

the Statement in the registry office the couple had to file before in Bishkek declared a state of emergency and cancel the celebration due pandemic did not.

“I’m very worried, as if for the first time conducted wedding, told the master of ceremonies, the virtual weddings Urmat of Asanbekov. — Worried, suddenly in Kyrgyzstan misunderstood”.

Now Iskander and Julia waiting for the threat COVID will subside and they will be able to hold a wedding for all national traditions.

And in Riga, the couple came to the registry office in suits of chemical protection. Originally this photo on Instagram posted by the former mayor of the Latvian capital Nile Ushakov. He later deleted the photo from his account. But she is called, went to the people.

All that is known about the marriage — it took place in March 2020.

the Wedding. Riga. 03.2020.

nil Ushakov

the Other couple decided to get married in the life simulation game Animal Crossing. Their plans for the traditional marriage violated the pandemic, so the groom Nazmul Ahmed found another way to please his beloved.

since they are both gamers, he invited his bride, under the pretext of a game on the island from Nintendo, which had previously decorated with flowers and hearts. There the pair was joined by friends, who have created the surroundings of the holiday and wedding ceremony.

“what happened in the game, made me so happy, I didn’t even have the words to describe the emotions! I want to say that you were not upset, if something missed due pandemic. For many it was a shock, wrote in comments to the post the bride herself. Even if you broke the wedding, as we do, you still win. Because you have the greatest gift in life is your love!”.

No less resourcefulness showed by lovers from Spain. They spent their wedding… right on the balcony. Guests of the wedding were all the neighbors.

Jose Lopez and Deborah Gurrea was planning a wedding long ago, and quite out of place in their office pandemic coronavirus. Came to the aid of friends.

on the Morning of the day that was supposed to be married, in an apartment of young people the courier arrived. He brought a note, which stated that Jose and Deborah should wear wedding dresses and go out to the balcony. Not suspecting a trick, they did as was said in the note. And saw on all the adjacent balconies of StSNF people with flowers and balloons.

the bride and Groom shouted oaths, and neighbors in response, supported by their enthusiastic responses.

of Course, at the end of the quarantine Jose and Deborah still have to visit the local bodies of civil status acts and to seal their Union with the seal and signatures. But the day of her real wedding on the balcony, they will remember forever!