the School spidkubing – speed Assembly of the Rubik’s cube will open in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. For its creation came from two local residents, Roman Scorcher and Alexander Petrov, winning the 150 thousand rubles in the grant contest of social projects of the city administration “Step forward”.

“School of magic cube – so was originally called the Rubik’s cube will help modern children to communicate more. Distract from the gadgets and into puzzle-solving”, – said Alexander Petrov.

the Last few years he lived in China, where spidkubing quite popular. There he first became interested in the unusual sport, and returned to Sakhalin taught to collect colored dice of his nephew.

the novel a Scorcher already established in the town one school where teaching children computer literacy. Rubik’s cube, in his opinion, much like a computer.

“also, there are algorithms for the Assembly of colors, you need to think about and of course, working with your hands, which is very important for modern children”, – said Roman.

workshops on the Assembly of the cube organizers have already begun. And regular classes at the new school, as in any other, will begin in September. Free access to all their boys between seven and 14 years.

“it is Planned to conduct workshops not only for students but also for adults of Sakhalin, for the older generation. Also founders of the school want to create a regional Federation of spidkubing and to arrange competitions on a regular basis”, – told in the press service of the regional government.


Spidkubing recognized sport in the 1980-ies. The task of the athlete – as quickly as possible to restore the original position of the cube. The competition uses the classic Rubik’s cube, pyramids and other “shells”. Assemble them with two hands, and one even with your eyes closed.